Episode 109: Special 9/11 edition



We have a lot to say about 9/11 and related events including a proposed Islamic center near “ground zero” in NY and a Florida pastor who is threatening to burn a copy of the Qur’an.  Or not.  Also some discussion on Bible translations and a few other things rattling around the brains of the manly Doctors of Divinity.

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4 Responses to “Episode 109: Special 9/11 edition”

  1. Come on guys, stop calling Jonathon Fisk Doogie Howser!

  2. Rev. J.R. Wheeler says:

    Great insight: “Americanism will basically dilute and trivialize anything.” William Cwirla

  3. wcwirla says:

    OK, he’s the Justin Bieber of the LCMS. We like these feisty young’ins.

  4. says:

    3rd mic at SID Pastors Conference – Weedon and Gibbs.

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