Episode 104: Law and Gospel (part 18)



Shrinking wetsuits, dieting, Also Sprach Zarathustra, a nice Christmas hymn, on how we speak about death and dying.  Oh, and then we get around to Walther’s Thesis 20 and association with the visible church, warts and all.  A little something for everyone in this episode.

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One Response to “Episode 104: Law and Gospel (part 18)”

  1. C.M. Cole says:

    Thank you for your discussion.
    You may not have realized just how relevant this might be to a hearer, even so long after it’s original airing.

    Am trying to catch up by listening to podcasts in order, so am seriously behind.

    I attend an Anglican Church, because

    (a) they follow the liturgy
    (b) they offer the sacrements
    (c) I don’t have a vast array of choices in my area
    (d) I have committed to help with the Sunday School (just recently)

    So, while I hear the Word; I don’t hear it properly proclaimed.
    Yes, there’s a lot of error in what the rector believes, as shown not only in his “sermons”, but also in discussions during “Bible Study”.

    I put Bible Study in quotations, because it’s more like: let’s read this coming week’s scriptures, and discuss what you think about when you read it. He doesn’t proclaim or discuss what it really means, and uses some terrible commentary (I believe exclusively). I believe it’s Barnes, if I recall correctly – but I looked it up, and he’s considered good on the historical facts, but very poor on theology, in that he doesn’t believe a lot of the Bible truths.

    Anyway, please keep up the great work – because if it were not for podcasts; I”d still be swimming in a sea of murk, and would not have heard the truths of the scripture. I’m becoming more discerning than I was (thinking that I knew something or other previously, but discovering there was so much I didn’t know). Now I realize just how lacking and condemning the evangelical churches I’ve attended in the past have been.

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