Episode 101: Special Luau Edition



We’re back in Craig’s backyard for a special luau edition of the God Whisperers.  In addition to Mai Tais and other delights, we’re offering up some free range conversation at our third microphone along with some Law / Gospel distinctions in the way of Walther’s thesis 17.  So pour yourself a mai tai, get into the aloha spirit, and tune in to another scintillating episode.

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9 Responses to “Episode 101: Special Luau Edition”

  1. Jeremiah says:

    ummm…how do you get from episode 99 to episode 101 without 100? Still getting it worked up for us voracious listeners?

  2. Jeff says:

    Uhh… Hey, boys – What happened to episode 100??

  3. Donofrio says:

    Creative math.

  4. Bethany Kilcrease says:

    Wait…what! Where’s episode 100?! The mystery intrigues me. I’m expecting something mind-blowingly awesome now.

  5. Brian Yamabe says:

    Pr. Donofrio sounds like Gollum/Smeagol at 46:30. “It’s my birthday. You should give that to me.”

  6. Kimmo Puustinen says:

    Would I be mistaken if I were to think that Episode 100 will indeed take place at a later date? As in, you are trying to cram as much awesome as possible into that one episode and haven’t yet gotten all the pieces into place?

  7. Tim Schneider says:

    Donofrio got laed!! HA!

  8. Beth says:

    Sorry I’m so late with this but I just listened to this yesterday.


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