Episode 102: Law and Gospel (part 16)

What does it mean to be a “true believer?”  Can a “true” Christian sin intentionally or be captive to ruling or habitual sins?  The God Whisperers take some issue with old CFW Walther in Thesis 18 where he seems to state that true believers are not captive to “ruling sins” or sin intentionally.  Also some […]

Episode 100: The Best of GW – Special Edition

Rejoice with us!  It was lost but now it’s found.  Put on the BBQ, pop the corks, it’s time for a little GW frivolity mixed with Lutheran theology in a best of God Whisperers commemorative episode.  Relive those great moments like Home Schooler Alert, Space Robot Spiritual, Mo’s Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar, and other highlights […]

Solid Gold – special internet edition

As we await the much anticipated Episode 100 anniversary edition, here is some 24 karat God Whisperers solid gold, thanks to Brian Yamabe, who gleaned and compiled these segments.  Props to Chris Loemker, organist extraordinaire, who produced the Jesus is a Friend of Mine cover. There is actual content here, for all you theological wonks!

Missing God Whisperers Episode

As many of our listeners noticed, well three of them, there is no Episode 100 in the queue.  Why is this?  We’re so glad you asked.  It turns out that episode 100 is the much anticipated Solid Gold edition featuring excerpts of some of our favorite episodes such as Reed Lessing’s Home Schooler Alert, Mo’s […]