Episode 94: Law and Gospel (part 10)



Craig plays his ukulele (sort of), and we talk about the nature of sin, grace, faith and love from Thesis X of Walther’s Proper Distinction of the Law and the Gospel.  Also “Spinal Tap” and a few other cinematic digressions.

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2 Responses to “Episode 94: Law and Gospel (part 10)”

  1. Chris E says:

    Craig needs to switch to the balalaika:


  2. NBeethe says:

    My family and I just got back from Hawaii and spent most of our time in Kaua’i. I’m going to have to disagree with Craig and say that it was absolutely amazing! Craig, you missed the Steelgrass Chocolate Farm, which could be part of the problem. Fresh-picked fruit and an 11 course dark chocolate tasting…yum!
    http://www.steelgrass.org So try it next time you go.

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