Episode 93: Law and Gospel (part 9)



Law and Gospel are confused when we mix up our insides and outsides.  When it comes to forgiveness, life, and salvation, don’t look inward but outward.  It’s all extra nos, outside of ourselves in the Word and the Sacraments.

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One Response to “Episode 93: Law and Gospel (part 9)”

  1. Ellie C says:

    Great episode guys, though listening to you working on your lollypops was, well, an experience, shall we say?

    I’m so glad you don’t know who Beth Moore is, but you should probably know that she’s a very popular teacher with women’s groups. She’s cute, perky, and as sharp as a spoon. But when you have great hair, the distinction between law and gospel really are very, very secondary. This is where you guys are missing out: if you had better hair you wouldn’t have to discuss Walther, and could instead discuss how God delivered you from cellulite and split ends. I jest. Sort of.

    I’m off this weekend to a Lutheran women’s retreat where I’m very excited about the crafts, and learning how I can feel more forgiven. Thankfully I have my ipod in my car, so I can scrub my brain on the drive home.

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