Episode 88: Law and Gospel (part 4)



We’re talking the Law and the Gospel as taught by the Holy Spirit in the “school of experience,” according to Walther.  If experience is a school, then your funeral is graduation day.

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5 Responses to “Episode 88: Law and Gospel (part 4)”

  1. SRB says:

    Re: “Law-Gospel-Law” – I don’t think that it’s the order itself that’s the problem, but it’s that when preachers DO try to hedge the Gospel you almost always see that pattern. It’s a symptom, not a cause, of poor distinction of Law and Gospel.

  2. Chris E says:

    To follow up on my earlier comment I wondered what you’d make of the following:

    “Every passage of sacred Scripture is either law or gospel, or is capable of being referred either to the one or to the other”





  3. Tony says:

    Most Manly Doctors,

    GW is da bomb. Seriously. In a good way.

    I appreciated the comments you shared from a fellow GW listener re: the dangers of a forced Law & Gospel homiletic. I can see how someone might use an L & G paradigm in an artificial way when preaching. However, shouldn’t the Gospel predominate in preaching? Why did Christ appoint preaching, anyway? The Word preached is a means of grace, which creates & strengthens faith (Rom 10:17), and by which the church is edified / sanctified (Acts 20:32 / Jn 17:17). The Law kills, the Gospel gives life (2 Cor 3-4). If that’s the case, then it makes sense that the Gospel / Word of life should be the “last word” to the church. Hermeneutically, if the passage is Law-heavy (imperatives, warnings, etc), shouldn’t the preacher after faithfully proclaiming the Law “in all its severity” bring us to Christ and His Gospel in all its sweetness? Preaching is not an exegetical lecture, but a proclamation of Christ and Him crucified for the forgiveness of sins. And we call pastors “ministers of the Gospel” for a reason. It seems to me that if a preacher ends with some moral exhortation, it leaves the smell of death hanging in the air. In the words of another Lutheran program, truly Christian preaching is “Christ-centered” and “Cross-focused.”

    Anyway, my feeble thoughts.

    Your humble patient,


  4. Jeff says:

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  5. Tim says:


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