Episode 86: The Law and the Gospel (part 2)



We’re talking CFW Walther’s Law and Gospel and their proper distinction.  Have a listen.

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4 Responses to “Episode 86: The Law and the Gospel (part 2)”

  1. Janet Young says:

    Correct me if my memory is faulty, but I could have sworn you were on another show playing “Law OR Gospel” wrt certain verses. Of course, I haven’t heard the whole episode 86 yet and now have to start from the beginning: when I switched over to comment the audio feed was cut off. I am sure I will be greatly edified by the review!

  2. Michael Mapus says:

    Great Show!!! You touched on something that I believe is plagueing the LCMS and it’s preaching. That is dealing with the “tension” between Law & Gospel in preaching, and using these two doctrines as a hermunetical techngue for the interpretation of scripture. This could problaby be a 50 page report, but I’ll keep it short.
    I noticed this when I began to read Luther’s Church and House Postals and then onto the old Synodical Conference sermons, beginning with Walther through WAM I. Luther and those who followed were never affraid of ending their sermons with exhortations to christian living or using a Law, Gospel, Law Gospel etc., structure in the sermons. Why? They were just following the text!!! My question is, when did this paradigm shift in preaching happen and why? The reason I think this is still going on today? I believe many Confessional Lutherans and those who teach homelitics in our seminaries, are trying to hard not to appear as your run of the mill evangelical, or quard against it, which is not a bad thing in of it’s self. But it’s killing the power and interpretation of the text of scripture. Our preachers are to proclaim the full counsel of God, that is interpret the text and then apply Law and Gospel to where it’s needed, just as Luther’s own sermons demostrate. The strict Law Gospel structure that is heard in most of our LCMS pulpits, I believe reduces the full effectivness of scripture and it’s Law Gospel application. Now in celebration of this show and Saint Patrick’s day, I’m going to make a BLT , capped off with an ice cold Heineken. I’m also looking forward your show on the cannon of scripture.


  3. SRB says:

    I think that the place the “dividing” language comes from is ultimately the KJV translation of 2 Tim. 2:15: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

  4. C.M. Cole says:

    If you still (after nearly two years) haven’t sold your Lutheran Study Bible . . .
    I don’t have a chance of winning one from Issues, etc., as I’m an “on demand” listener.

    While not a Lutheran, if it weren’t for the shows on Pirate Christian Radio – I’d still be wandering about in the weeds, not knowing about the proper distinction of Law and Gospel, or the sacraments (real meaning, not just symbols), and truly what God has done for us, and that it’s not us climbing some ladder.

    I don’t have a decent place to worship around here when it comes to sermons, but at least I’m getting the Word and Sacraments – and I fill in the gaps with the various PCR shows. Thank you so much for your outreach and your service to those of us who REALLY need it.

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