Episode 84: Augsburg Confession (article 28)



The authority of bishops, the Lutheran distinction of the two kingdoms, and other delights.

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2 Responses to “Episode 84: Augsburg Confession (article 28)”

  1. You know a congregation where the laypeople DON’T think they get to call the shots?

  2. Billye says:

    An informed laity is a very good thing. Sadly, many times the ones trying to ‘call the shots’ are the ones that think they are informed. I have heard members say, ‘This is our church and he can’t tell us what to do.’ Wrong, this is Christ’s church and we teach and preach His Word and His Word only.

    About those snowboarders….we have THREE of them in our family. Yes, they are crazy, and they do have fun….except when they call from the ski hill and say, “Mom, I broke my leg.”

    Another informative program, with some good laughs. Confessions, bacon and the two man luge…..it just doesn’t get any better.

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