Episode 82: Augsburg Confession (article 26)



The distinction of meats is on the table.  Foods, actually We’re talking fish on Friday, bacon on Monday, and whatever other prescribed fasts may be going on.  Can they make us holy before God?  Does God even care?  Why make a distinction of foods at all?  We’re talking, and we hope you’re listening.  The bump music is dedicated to Manly Dr. Cwirla.  Let the listener understand.

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9 Responses to “Episode 82: Augsburg Confession (article 26)”

  1. SRB says:

    Is turkey bacon an acceptable fulfillment of bacon Monday?

  2. wcwirla says:

    Yes, we’ll grant a dispension for turkey, though the pig rules.

  3. jamacare says:

    Trader Joes brand uncured bacon “IS” Nieman Ranch bacon for $3.99 vs $4.79+!! Vive le Cochon!

  4. Lou Ann says:

    supper dinner lunch:

    here in the midwest, with farmers up the family tree

    Supper — always is the evening meal

    Lunch — always noon

    Dinner…. a bit more tricky, When I was growing up, dinner = supper, except on Sundays, Dinner was noon time. I’ve just gotten used to having to have the time specified whenever dinner is offered ;-)

  5. Susieqtpie says:

    So true Lou Ann on the supper dinner lunch thing! My kids want bacon mondays now…. thanks, guys!

  6. Nathan says:

    My grandma (a farmer’s wife in Nebraska) says it this way:

    Dinner is the noon meal, and is the biggest.

    Supper is the evening meal and is smaller than Dinner.

    Lunch is an optional snack you can have in the afternoon.

  7. Jeremiah says:

    I’ve always tried to figure out the “supper, dinner, lunch” thing.

    I think that dinner is the alternative title for lunch. At least with my parents, they always want to take us out to dinner when it’s lunch time. I think for my dad it comes from working swing shift for 40+ years. It’s kind of weird to say, “I’m goin’ to lunch,” when it’s 3 in the morning. For him, it is more appropriate to call the midday meal dinner, regardless of when the midday is…

  8. CM Cole says:

    Here’s something your wife may just wish to whip up:

    Bacon Chocolate.

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