Episode 69: Augsburg Confession (Article 18)



da-vinci-manFree will – vertically before God and horizontally before others.  Are we free to choose the right or is it all predetermined for us?  The God Whisperers are talking free will and its implications in this scintillating episode.

For a good discussion of this article see:  Concordia – The Lutheran Confessions

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3 Responses to “Episode 69: Augsburg Confession (Article 18)”

  1. Melanchthon says:

    I love your post-podcast music! I’ll whine the other way: keep it! It is such a delicious juxtaposition: the church fathers, Holy Scripture, the Confessions & then “Jesus is a friend of mine….” Love the beat, and you can dance to it.

    I’ll stop listening if you get rid of it.

    Free Willy!

  2. Melanchthon says:

    In a more serious vein:

    The ELCA has become anti-nomian in regard to God’s Law (sexuality) and downright legalistic regarding civic righteousness (peace and justice issues). Political liberalism now seems to be the new orthodoxy.

    Nearly everything out of Chicago these days regarding politics looks like it came hot off the press of the DNC.

    FWIW, one of the best refutations of the Religious Right came from the LCMS web site (many years ago now). I had to smack down the Religious Right before and now I have to smack down the Religious Left.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Donofrio says:

    Yes – the liberal “justice” crowd is nothing more than warmed over, rehashed Marxist Liberation Theology in a new wrapper. Christianity has become a new civil rights movement to these people. The difference is, the “oppressed” are not necessarily oppressed because of skin color but perverse sexual activity. Oh yeah, there is still the race issues, but I have no idea where except in the minds of those who want to be celbrated as victims.

    Perhaps I should claim my victim status as a lonely Italian in a predominately German church.

    Poor, poor Donofrio – is there no justice in the world? Gak!

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