Episode 64: Augsburg Confession (Article 13)



The Sacraments.  So what’s a “sacrament” anyway? And how many are there? And what’s the point of it all? We’re talking about signs instituted by God with the promise of grace in Jesus.

Plus, as usual, a little more.

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5 Responses to “Episode 64: Augsburg Confession (Article 13)”

  1. you guys sound like you’re having waaaaay too much fun ;-) Thanks for putting such a great show together week after week.

  2. Vito says:

    Before the break you began a conversation regarding holy baptism and holy communion – if it is necessary to be baptised before partaking. You never discussed after the break. So… Is it? Is it necessary to be baptised before receiving communion?

  3. Vito says:

    tradition is sweet but not sanctified.

  4. Lutefisk says:

    I think maybe Luther would of had LOTS of Catechism classes if he were alive today! So what if Roman Catholics hold it to be a Sacrament? We shouldn’t overcompensate and trivialize it. Why on earth not use this tradition for lots and lots of good teaching? Merely asking kids to “Own It” seems more like denying Sola Gratia.

  5. Donofrio says:


    The Lord’s Supper is for Christians and we recognize Christians by their baptism.


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