Episode 36: Confession (Part 2)



More Confession & Absolution talks on The God Whisperers as Craig continues to revel in our “Manly Drs” phone number. There’s some solid catechism talk here on why we shouldn’t neglect confession & absolution. Tune up your ears and listen.

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One Response to “Episode 36: Confession (Part 2)”

  1. ……What ..is Confession? ..Confession ..embraces two parts the one is that we confess our sins the ..other that we receive absolution or forgiveness from the ..confessor as from God Himself and in no wise doubt but firmly ..believe that our sins are thereby forgiven before God in heaven…What ..sins should we confess?..Before ..God we should plead guilty of all sins even of those which ..we do not know as we do in the Lords Prayer.

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